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The Book in the Book in the Space

Narrative Space:5 codex shaped frames with the pictures of the book and acrylic mirrors

In the space, there are five gold framed codexes. When you look into their codices, you can only find out that they are void images of books inside the frames without any sign of text. The books presented in the photographs are facing their illusory doubles in the mirrors and the codex frames they are metaphysically sitting in are facing the same crisis. With the deployment of mirrors, the project depicts reiteration of repetitive switches between real/physical and fake/virtual. The Book project changes its title depending on the installation form. It has been shown with the title of The Book in a Frame on an Easel in 2015 in London as a form depicted in the title, and was presented in Seoul, under the title of The Book in the Book in the Space with the codex shaped frames.
In collaboration with Ryan Smith, Sasa Stucin