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Reading Ed Atkins 23

Flim Space

Reading Ed Atkins experiments writing generated from reading. Ed Atkins poetic narrative,
A Seer Reader is recontextualised by replacing word for meaning.

The project’s quirky process of reading morphed the original text into a new form of writing - poetry to epic song of dictionary. This act of abusive translation is a cross-breeding of writing and reading/ writer and reader revealing ambiguity and vulnerability of language. Every 23 pages of the book shows Ed Atkins poetry deconstructed into literal meanings sourced from the Oxford Dictionary.

In the installation, the original poem of Ed Atkins and a new ‘dictionalized-poetry’ are presented on the desk among the recited sound of the new poetry. Two monitors placed at the back of poems are flickering back and forth representing the confusion of switching between the book and the dictionary. On one monitor the original words of Ed Atkins are flashing one by one and on another monitor words from dictionary corresponding each Ed Atkins words. The sounds are echoed through the room, furthering the disruption in the environment.